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How to share temporary server access for technical support

If you are facing any issues with the Astra Website Protection plugin and require technical support, you can search our help desk or create a support ticket.

Our team may request for temporary access to your sever. You can provide us with one of the following types of access:

Hosting Panel

Please change the password to the account shared with us once the issue is resolved
If you have not yet completed installation of the plugin, you can request plugin installation

How to update server credentials in the dashboard

Login to the Astra Dashboard and click on Website Protection in the top navigation

Next to the website name, click on the ⚙️ button to open the Settings page for the website

Scroll down to the Your Server Credentials section and click on Update Credentials

Enter any one of the credentials which will let us access the website files

To save time please verify that the credentials work before updating them in the dashboard
Once you have updated the credentials, please inform our support team by replying to the ongoing support ticket

Updated on: 21/08/2022

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