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How to change the Website URL in Astra Website Protection

When moving your website to a different domain name, URL or hosting server - it is recommended to update this in the Astra Website Protection dashboard for uninterrupted protection.

When you change the domain name of your website

Login to the Astra Dashboard

Click on the My Account menu item, and select Subscription Settings

Select the Website Protection tab, and click on Manage Sites

Now click on the Trash icon next to the domain name you wish to delete

Once you confirm the deletion, you will see that a new website has been added to your account on the homepage.

When you change the URL or hosting server (but same domain name) of your website

Login to the Astra Dashboard & navigate to the Settings page of the website

Scroll down and click on Re-install Astra button

Select your platform name in the dropdown, and install the plugin if required

Click on the Show Activation Code button & copy the code to your clipboard

Now visit the Action page, by visiting the link shown in the dashboard. For eg:

Enter the Activation Code & complete the installation

Updated on: 28/12/2022

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