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Will there be any downtime when installing the Astra plugin?

Astra Website Protection is like plug-and-play software that is installed as a plugin by following easy-to-follow steps (takes less than 5 minutes). It means there is NO need to change DNS settings, unlike other security plugins.

Most of the security plugins require DNS changes which means you will need to wait for the propagation to complete this will cause downtime to your website. Since Astra is an endpoint firewall and does not require any DNS changes so there is no need to worry about DNS propagation delays.

We extensively test our plugin with all major website platforms, so there wouldn't be any downtime on your website due to compatibility issues. But to make sure the experience is smooth, you can check for Astra's minimum system requirements.

The plugins have been built with speed in mind, since every millisecond counts. We make it a point to write optimized code to make sure it doesn't consume much of your server resources.

Updated on: 25/05/2022

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