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Can you clean my hacked/malware infected website?

Once you have installed Astra, you can run our automated malware scan on your website to find and remove the malware. The first scan usually completes in 20-40 minutes, and subsequent scans would take 2-4 minutes. Using the on-screen tools & resources, you can easily fix the malware found on your site.

Can I sign-up for a monthly plan if my website is infected?

Since hack removals require considerable amount of time & effort from our team, we require yearly commitment to assist you with a hacked website. You can however sign-up for a monthly plan to use our self-served automated malware scanner.

What access do you need to clean my website?

To run an automated malware scan, all you have to do is install the Website Protection plugin. No additional access is required. You can delete malicious files flagged from within the Astra dashboard. If the full file is not malicious, and only a part of it it - you can login to your server from the hosting panel dashboard, or (s)FTP and remove the malicious code snippet as shown in the dashboard. If face any issues while using the scanner, our support team may need temporary access to your server to debug the problem.

Are there one-time cleanup plans?

No, currently we do not offer one-time cleanups. This is because one off cleanups just don’t work. Websites get re-infected often without any security solution to protect them or scan the websites for malicious content on a daily basis.

Updated on: 10/07/2022

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