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Will Astra Website Protection slow down my website?

No-one likes a slow website, and neither do we. We believe that security and website performance should go hand in hand - strong security without any compromise in user experience. Astra has been built with this in mind.

Astra does not affect your website’s performance, rather:

We did an in-depth benchmarking of websites not running Astra & then running Astra using an industry-standard environment. What we found was that Astra only takes as low as 0.0023 seconds and sometimes even less

Astra has been tailored for all major CMSs and Frameworks to optimize its functioning. In addition, since Astra does all the checking on your server itself – this means that there are almost no requests to external servers keeping the entire security process lightening fast

We do not add any assets such as images, JavaScript files, etc to the site which are typically large in size and slow down the website

We have tried & tested Astra on websites receiving more than a 5 million+ visitors every day & Astra doesn't affect the website or website server performance in any way.

Feel free to start using Astra Website Protection without worrying about any delay, as websites getting a millions of visitors everyday use Astra

Updated on: 25/05/2022

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