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What is the maximum time it may take for a scan to finish?

Time Taken for Various Scan Types

Scan NameDescriptionTime Taken
Automated ScanAstra's vulnerability scanner scans your application for vulnerabilities in this scan.The complete scan can take anywhere between 12-24 hours depending on the scope of the application you want to scan.
Automated Scan (Vetted)Vetted automated scan include everything within the Automated Scan + our security engineers carefully reviewing the results of the scan to ensure if there are any false positives, they're removed.The complete scan typically requires approximately 2-4 working days.
Manual PentestManual pentest comprise of automated vulnerability scan + vetted results + a complete penetration test by our security experts. In a pentest, our security experts uncover vulnerabilities which are logical flaws and often beyond the detection capabilities of automated scanners.The entire exercise takes 10-20 working days depending on the scope & pentest volumes.

Time Taken for Different Types of Automated Scans

Scan TypeDescriptionTime Taken
Full ScanThe vulnerability scanner scans for all the vulnerabilities on all endpoints. It ensures to cover the entire web application.The complete scan typically takes a about 12-24 hours.
Lightning ScanThe vulnerability scanner scans at a higher level and covers the basic security vulnerabilities.The entire scan can be completed within a timeframe of 10 to 15 minutes.
Emerging Threats ScanThe vulnerability scanner scans for all the new vulnerabilities in the cyber security world. So whenever a new vulnerability comes around, you can run this scan to find out if your web application is safe from it.The entire scan can be completed within a timeframe of 1 hour.

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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