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What are the various support levels within Pentest Platform pricing? (Updated)

The Scanner, Expert and Pentest plans come with different levels of support to help you ensure your applications are proactively secure. We've tried to make Astra's Pentest Platform massively self served, and are happy to help whenever you need us. Here's how the support coverage look like for each of the plans:

FeaturesScanner PlanPentest PlanEnterprise Plan
Email Support24 hrs. (6 days/week)12-24 hrs. (6 days/week)12-24 hrs. (6 days/week)
Comment Support (within Resolution Center)-12-48 hrs.12-48 hrs
Named Account Manager-YesYes
Vulnerability Scan ReportYesYesYes
Pentest Report-YesYes
Vetted Reports4/yr (when billed annually)4/yr4/yr
Publicly Verifiable Pentest Certificate-YesYes
Remediation Call (with security engineers)-Add-onAdd-on
Multiple Targets across different asset types--Yes
Customer Success Manager (CSM) for your organization--Yes
Support via Slack Connect or MS Teams-Add-onYes
Custom SLA/Contracts as per requirement--Yes
Multiple payment options--Yes

Here's how contextual 'Comment Support' looks through out resolution center:

Here's how our publicly verifiable pentest certificate works

Check the publicly verifiable pentest certificate in action here


We work Monday-Saturday.
On national holidays, the support could be delayed.

Escalating issues if you feel the support response is not satisfactory

We strive to provide excellent customer service and support for our Astra products. However, we understand that there may be times when a customer needs to escalate an issue if they are not satisfied with the response or support they are receiving.

If you feel an escalation will help in solving your issue, please write to us at

Your issue will then be handled by the management team on priority.

Updated on: 03/04/2024

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