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What are the steps involved in signing a Android application?

Signing an APK file

A signed APK is required to test the installation process of your application. An unsigned APK throws errors in the installation process

To sign your APK file, follow these steps:

Open you project in Android Studio, and click on Generate Signed APK in the Build menu

Click Next in the dialog box

Click on Create New.. to create a new Key Store Path

Locate the Key Store path in your system where you want to save JKS file of your project. Click on ... (dots) to locate the path

After locating the path from your system, give any name to the JKS file that will be created and click on OK.

Fill the passsword and certifcate details and click on OK

Click on Next

Edit the destination folder of the signed APK file, choose build type as Release and then select signature versions. Finally click Finish:

Upload the APK file

Updated on: 14/07/2023

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