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What approach do you take when testing emerging technologies or cloud environments?

Hacker style pen-testing, powered by our powerful vulnerability scanner & one of a kind Pentest Platform

In testing emerging technologies or cloud environments, Astra Security takes a comprehensive approach, combining automated and manual testing techniques. Our focus extends beyond automated tools to include business logic testing, ensuring thorough coverage. We provide an intuitive vulnerability management dashboard for accessing timely results and offer collaboration features for efficient remediation.

Approach taken for emerging technologies:

Vulnerability Scanner: Updated regularly with the latest vulnerability and threat information.
Security Team: Stays updated on new threats and conducts tests for emerging technologies.
Emerging Threat Testing: Specific focus on testing and addressing threats related to emerging technologies.

Approach taken for cloud environment:

Grey Box Approach: Combines aspects of white box and black box testing.
Cloud Security Review: Conducted following industry standards like CIS benchmarks.
Inside-Outside Testing: Evaluating cloud security from both internal and external perspectives.
Hacker's Perspective: Testing cloud infrastructure from a potential attacker's viewpoint.

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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