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Understanding publicly verifiable pentest certificate by Astra and how to verify them?

How to Enable Publicly Verifiable Certificates from the Dashboard?

Log into your dashboard.

Navigate to the Scan Page of the target for which you want a certificate.

Click on the Download Certificate button.

You will see an option to toggle on Make the certificate publicly verifiable

How to Verify the Validity of a Pentest Certificate Shared by a Customer or Partner?

To verify the validity of the certificate, the customer/partner who shared it with you must first make it publicly verifiable. This can be done by toggling on the 'Make the certificate publicly verifiable' option when downloading the certificate from their Astra dashboard. Once this option is enabled, you can then use the certificate's unique ID to check its authenticity on Astra's website.

Verify validity of pentest certificate by Astra Security

Advantages of Having a Publicly Verifiable Certificate.

A publicly verifiable certificate can provide many benefits for a business. It helps to identify and fix vulnerabilities in a company's systems, thereby improving the overall security posture. Additionally, a public certificate provides evidence of security testing and compliance, which can establish authenticity and credibility for the business.

By displaying the public verifiability of the certificate on the business website, it can create a sense of trust among customers and partners. This trust can be further enhanced by demonstrating the company's commitment to maintaining security compliance and taking proactive measures to protect data.

In addition to building trust, a publicly verifiable certificate can be an excellent selling point for businesses during sales negotiations. It provides evidence of regular pen-testing and security testing, which can be a deciding factor for security-conscious clients.

By being known for its security-conscious posture, a business can attract clients who prioritize security-aware organizations. This can help build a positive reputation in the industry and inspire other businesses to think more proactively about security and take measures to implement and test their systems.

How to extend the validity of Astra's Pentest Certificate?

Updated on: 07/04/2023

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