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How to request a rescan & reaudit after fixing the found vulnerabilities?

Once you've fixed the found vulnerabilities during a Pentest, you can request a re-scan. During the rescan Astra's security engineers verify the fixes your engineers have put in place.

A couple of things to ensure before requesting a rescan

At least 50% of the vulnerabilities are fixed: This ensures that you make the most of the number of rescans available to you & security engineers are able to re-check maximum vulnerabilities in one go
Vulnerabilities are marked as fixed: Under each vulnerability there is an option to 'Ask for review', please ensure you've clicked on this for each vulnerability that you've fixed.

Once the above ones are done, here's how you can request a rescan

Head to Scan page for the project
Click on 'Request Re-Scan' button
Submit the request

Depending on the request queue & vulnerabilities reported on the target , it can take 3-9 workings days for re-scan to complete.

Updated on: 20/04/2023

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