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How can I track the progress of a pentest?

You can track the progress and estimated time of completion for pentests & vetted automated scans from the Astra dashboard. After you request a pentest or vetted scan, our security analysts will analyze your application and provide an estimate completion date. This will help you have a clear understanding of when to expect results.

Scan Deadlines

Visibility and Notifications

Once the deadline is set, you can easily view it in the following locations within the dashboard:

Scan Details Page: The deadline will be displayed prominently on the Scan page, providing you with quick access to the information.
Scans List Page: The deadline will also be visible on the scans list page, allowing you to track the progress of multiple scans simultaneously.

In addition to the dashboard visibility, you will receive email alerts containing the deadline information, ensuring that you stay updated on the progress of your manual scans. If additional information is requested from you, you can reply to the open support ticket

Delivery Stages of Scans

Our analysts will update the delivery status of manual/vetted scans as per the following options:

On Track for Delivery: The scan progress is on schedule, and there are no delays or issues.
Running Behind: The scan progress has encountered some delays, and the estimated completion time might be affected.
Delivery Blocked: The scan progress is currently blocked due to specific issues or obstacles. You may have to provide additional information.
Delivery Completed: The scan has been completed and the results are ready for your review.

Updated on: 05/07/2023

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