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Does the Astra Vulnerability Scanner support GraphQL APIs?

GraphQL serves as a flexible and efficient alternative to traditional REST APIs, empowering developers to optimize data fetching and reduce over-fetching or under-fetching issues.

Can Astra's vulnerability scanner effectively detect and exploit vulnerabilities in GraphQL APIs?

Yes, it can! Astra's vulnerability scanner is equipped with advanced techniques which emulates hacker behavior to thoroughly scan GraphQL APIs, exploiting potential vulnerabilities. Our scanner has the ability to perform 3 modes of Automated Vulnerability Scan which can also be scheduled as per your requirements.

Astra also offers comprehensive scanning of modern apps including:

SPA (Single Page Application) Scanning: Astra's scanner can effectively scan SPAs to exploit potential vulnerabilities, and assesses the communication between the frontend and backend, ensuring the overall security of the application.
Areas behind login: Our scanner goes beyond the surface level and scans areas behind login functionality (critical for SaaS apps). It simulates user interactions, including authentication and authorization processes, to detect any security weaknesses that may exist in these critical areas.

Updated on: 01/06/2023

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