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My website is not working. Could Astra be the reason?

If your website is not working and you suspect it to be because of a security solution such as Astra Website Protection plugin, you can follow the steps outlined below to eliminate Astra as the cause of the issue. 9/10 times website errors are because of updates in plugins, server, PHP version etc. and are unrelated to the Astra Website Protection plugin.

Go to the ‘Settings’ page for the affected site
At the top, set ‘Astra Protection’ to ‘Off’ mode to disable protection
This means that Astra protection has been disabled for your site. You should now check your website to see if the issue is resolved or not.
If the problem on your website goes away after turning off Astra protection - please contact our Support team with a full description of the issue along with any screenshots which might allow our engineers to reproduce the issue at our end and find a quick solution.
If the problem on your website is still present after turning off Astra protection - it suggests that the issue wasn't caused by Astra. We recommend you to speak to your developer or hosting company for more information.

Updated on: 25/05/2022

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