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How to Install and Uninstall Astra Website Protection for sites using a Load Balancer

You can now install Astra Website Protection on environments where multiple web servers are behind a load balancer, or using read-only file systems (hosting providers such as WP Engine and Pantheon).

How to Install

From our Getting Started guides, find installation steps for your CMS or Framework
Install the plugin on all the servers being load balanced (steps may vary depending on your server configuration)
Configure the Astra Website Protection plugin to use the MySQL storage engine, and set the environment variables for all the servers
Now enter the Activation Code in the plugin activation page as shown in the installation guides

How to Uninstall

From our Getting Started guides, find uninstallation steps for your CMS or Framework
Follow the steps to uninstall the plugin from all your servers
Delete the MySQL database you would have created during installation

If you have any questions about the installation, or have a different server setup - please feel free to create a support request from the widget on the bottom right - we'd be happy to help.

Updated on: 31/07/2022

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