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What are the different Protection Modes for my Website Protection?

You can use Astra Website Protection in two Protection Modes. This setting determines whether an attacker should be actively blocked, or just monitored without taking any automatic blocking action.

Different Protection Modes

With this setting, Astra Website Protection will automatically block suspicious visitors/IPs based on your Security Tolerance Level. You do not have to take any action as our security engine will intelligently take care of blocking bad actors.

If a genuine visitor was incorrectly blocked, they will be able to create a support request from the block page which will be reviewed by our support team asap

Only Monitoring (learning mode)

With monitoring mode, Astra will log the detected attacks on the website but not block the visitor. This mode is helpful in the initial days of using the plugin to check if any genuine visitors are being blocked. You can go through the detected attacks on the Threats page, and create Exception rules as required. If you have any questions around this, feel free to reach our support team.

How to change the Protection mode?

Login to the Astra Dashboard, and navigate to the Settings page for your website
Scroll down the Protection Mode section
Select the mode you want to Activate

Updated on: 25/05/2022

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