How To Change Your Default WP Admin URL Using WP Hardening?

Not changing the default WordPress admin URL is a huge security risk for your website. Hence, it is advisable that you change widely known URLs such as – /wp-admin, /login, /admin to something lesser-known.

Changing the default WordPress admin URL manually can be a hard nut to crack and is often not recommended. To do this with the WP Hardening plugin, just follow these steps:

Log into your WordPress backend.
Install the WP-Hardening plugin, if you haven’t. Skip this step if you have already installed it.
After you’ve activated the plugin, it will render in your sidebar like this:

Go to the Security Fixers tab. You’ll see an option ‘Change Login URL.‘

Add a new URL of your choice and toggle the key to green. The new URL will be set on your WP admin page.

If you wish to change the admin URL again, just toggle the key next to “Change Login URL”, add a new slug and toggle the key again to green. And you’re done.
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